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A Warrior, A Survivor

Meet cancer survivor and author Perry Muse. A son, a brother, a man of resilience with a heart of gold. Where most would crumble, Perry will laugh in the face of adversity. Adversity is an understating term for 18 surgeries, life-threatening accidents, and, well… cancer. But stands tall, through it all, as a Sagittarius would.

Learn more about Perry’s life in his memoir, where he talks about how to cope with the morbidities of cancer, life, and smile in the face of danger. Perry is everyone’s Muse for living life to the fullest!

About Me

10% of proceeds from the book sales is donated to St.Jude children hospital.

Morbid Thoughts and the Domino Effect Video Trailer

What’s in Store?

Morbid Thoughts and the Domino Effect is not just a memoir but a testimony for all those shrouded by the lightning and thunder that accompanies an ailing sickness. It is about how they can skip through each hurdle in life with resilience and perseverance. In a book filled with author Perry Muse’s adventures, you’ll find yourself turning pages as each domino in your life topples, clearing the way to your new inspiration. Order your copy now!

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