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If you’re a well-mannered, considerate, and empathetic individual, odds are you have grown up under a good female influence in your life.

Our author Perry Muse can agree.

Let’s discuss how women influence your life for the better.

Girl power

When talking about how influential women are in your life, it is only fitting to begin with the first woman you’ll encounter—one who takes care of you before you even breathe your first breath in this world. They carry you for nine months with the utmost care and devotion. And besides persistent nausea and overwhelming birthing pain, she can’t wait to  do it all over again, till the next thing you know, you’re already embarking on life’s journey, receiving a call from a woman, singing, “Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you.”

No matter the whereabouts, or the age, your mother always makes you feel loved in a world that lacks thereof.

Being a devout Christian for 24 years, Perry’s mother took care of him in every way in his father’s absence.

He shared a very non-typical relationship with his sister; he looks up to her despite being a troublemaking little brother. She positively influenced his life, always acting as a mentor to keep him in check and inspire him.

Though probably the quintessential support to his upbringing was his grandmother. With her hair always tied in a bun, she’d tie the family together too.

Here are some of the qualities you can absorb just from the women you live with:


It is a given that women are more giving than men. Your mother will ensure you are fed before taking a bite herself. Your sister will fight you, but make sure to offer you a Band-Aid for the wound she caused. The women in your life will teach you to be empathetic, to be selfless, and put others before you.

“Don’t be selfish” are the words Perry Muse would often hear from his granny, molding him to acquire the trait of selflessness.


If you’ve grown up in a household with women, especially if you’re a man, you’re probably a gentleman. Women embody grace and fortitude, which reflects onto their peers, especially in their household. They teach you to be patient and level-headed in the face of adversity, where most men would let their testosterone-driven instincts take over and make them prone to fits of despair.

“Don’t talk that way,” as Muse’s granny would say.

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Lastly, resilience is one of the biggest lessons you can extract from the women around you. This world is unforgiving with its patriarchal treatment of women. We have forgotten how to give women the respect they deserve. Despite the catcalling and double standards women have to go through, your mothers and sisters are examples of resilience for coexisting in an unforgiving society.

One can say Perry Muse’s overwhelming resilience and positivity towards the adversities he faced is because of the women in his life.

So, the next time you wanna talk back to your mother. Imagine how hard it was just for her to get up and get ready today.

To know more about Perry Muse’s family background and the lessons he took from each member, check out his new memoir, Morbid Thoughts, and the Domino Effect, now!

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