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Wielding a bow and arrow, the centaur of healing. Higher forms of intelligence and a bridge between the divine and humane, the Sagittarius are the epitome of adventure and risk-taking amongst the various zodiacs in Astrology.

Author Perry Muse, being a Sagittarius, tells us how his Sagittarius characteristics helped him impale an arrow through the adversities of cancer.

As Candid as It Can Be

Before befriending a Sagittarius, refrain if you have a sweet tooth and crave sugar-coated statements to feed your ego. Sagittarius are brutally honest with their words. They have trouble pretending and can immediately identify pretentious people. Being honest is just as important as breathing; a Sagittarius will not sleep until they have been truthful to themselves and others throughout their day.

They cannot stand liars and people who indulge in gossip behind people’s backs. This makes Sagittarius a trustworthy companion. They are true to their craft and can be seen as perfectionists.

Author Perry Muse sought perfection in anything that he dipped his toe into.

Attentive and generous

Those who befriend a Sagittarius and manage to get on their good side are destined to be showered with gifts and generous gestures that make their loved ones happy.

Perry Muse gives us an intimate look into his relationships and the people he surrounded himself with growing up, impacting who he is today.

Bring on the competition.

Sagittarius will never settle for anything less than being the best. They possess an upbeat personality and are brimming with energy. This trait makes everything they venture into a competition.

They are also deemed “mad” for their soaring ambitions and “unachievable” goals. For you, it may be far-fetched, but for the Sagittarius, just another day at the office.

Perry Muse talks about his hard work serving in the army during basic training and the Sagittarian tendency to always lead the pack in his book, Morbid Thoughts & The Domino Effect.

Optimized for Optimism

Optimism is one of the most vital qualities an individual can possess in the face of death. Sagittarius live and breathe optimism and believe in achieving endless possibilities while on a quest for wisdom.

They tend to have an open mind and empower others to pursue what they dream they’re capable of. Quality is evident in author Perry Muse as he delivers an authentic account of a fascinating life in his book.

Hate to procrastinate

Sagittarius dive into action as soon as they are called for it. This ties in nicely with their trait of working hard and leading the pack while being competitive. They are known as hustlers and do not fold when met with a difficult assignment.

This quality comes into play as Muse takes his struggles head-on whenever the opportunity arises. It is vital not to waste time if there is potential for improvement when fighting a possibly life-threatening disease.

Into the stars: Impact of Astrology

The study of relative positions and movement of celestial bodies impacting the natural world sounds liberating in itself. Astrology has the power to help self-reflect and get through the most morbid of situations.

In times of adversity, it is essential to remind yourself who you are and what you are capable of. But more importantly, sow the seed of faith in your heart and rely on someone more significant than yourself. This school of thought can ease the burdens you place on yourself while suffering from cancer.

To receive more insights on the characteristics of Sagittarius as a horoscope and how they are validated, check out Perry Muse’s important memoir on how to prevail in a life of adversity, challenges, and cancer.

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